Live like a local

Once you’re in San Juan, you may be tempted to walk around Old San Juan, and the beaches around the city may lure you into hanging out by the water.  But if you crave an exhilarating outdoor adventure, you won’t be disappointed in Puerto Rico.

San Juan nightlife comes in all varieties. From the vibrant performing-arts scene to street-level salsa, and with the casinos, discos, and bars, there's plenty of entertainment available almost any evening.

Island nightlife begins very late, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. Hang out until the late, late afternoon on the beach, have dinner around 8pm (9 would be even better), and then the night is yours. The true party animal will rock until the broad daylight. Many bars and nightclubs are open until 2am during the week, and 4am on weekends. Many clubs and some bars are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

¡Qué Pasa!, the official visitor's guide to Puerto Rico, lists cultural events, including music, dance, theater, film, and art exhibits. It's distributed free by the tourist office. Local newspapers, such as the English-language weekly Caribbean Business (which carries a daily website at, often have entertainment information and concert and cultural listings, as do the English-language Puerto Rico Daily Sun and the Spanish-language El Vocero, El Nuevo Día, and Primera Hora daily newspapers. Also check the Ticketpop website (, which lists upcoming major acts.

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