Favorite Restaurants in Puerto Rico

9 of our favorite Restaurants

1. La Cueva del Mar
Right on Loiza Street near Condado you will find a heaven of local fresh seafood flavors.

2. Yamato
Under the spreading canopy of the city's oldest banyan tree, steps away from the lovliest beach on the island, resides what some consider the finest Asian restaurant in San Juan.

3. 311 Trois Cent Onze
Casablanca, Paris and Provence via Puerto Rico. Such is the experience upon entering the heavy wooden doors that conceal this former cinema warehouse from the bustle of SoFo.

4. La Mallorquina
What better place to enjoy an authentic Puerto Canadian pharmacy Rican meal than at the city's oldest restaurant? Established in 1848 this spot has been lovingly run by the Rojos family since 1900.

5. La Casona
Owner Manolo Caamaño has been serving authentic Spanish cuisine since 1972 in this renovated European mansion.

6. Aguaviva
If you and you're main squeeze want to drink and dine at the same time, head to Aguaviva.

7. La Casita Blanca
The name means small white house. And it's just that simple character that makes La Casita Blanca such a great spot. This is a local favorite and pintoresque spot to experience local food.

8. Dragonfly
Asian-fusion dining meets Greenwich Village NYC attitude and settles in Old San Juan. Romantic & stylish with Asian Caribbean Fusion that you will never forget.

9. Carli Café Concierto
This dark, sophisticated spot in the baroque Banco Popular also offers a terrace with great views of the ships in the harbor..

10. Metropol

In Isla Verde or at the Convention Center District this local Restaurant is a staple of Caribbean & Creole local favorites. Metropol has existed and thrived as one of the best local cuisine spots for over 30 years and just recently opened new locations in the Convention District


Villa Herencia is close to all of these restaurants, some even walking distance so ask us if you need assistance getting there.

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